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Picture of Thomas Rhodes Grave in Perry, IN

courtesy of Mike Jarboe

This gravesite is located in Perry, Indiana in a plot on Riley farm, set aside for free burying ground. Thomas Rhodes served under General Gates in Weston Co., N.Y.

A homeles man when he came to Perry Co, Indiana. He lived with James Riley of Oil Township.

information from De Lee Hunt's history of Perry County, Indiana 1916 p. 50 by William Weatherholt

Re: Thomas Rhodes, father of Henry

To Read:
Perry County: A History
by Thomas James De La Hunt
Call #: 977.229 H2d

Rhodes Cemetery

Compiled by Roy Haake:
"At the Rhodes Cemetery there were just 13 tombstones total! This is what I found in the Rhodes name:

Henry Rhodes, b. Sep 1792, d. Aug 18, 1863
Elizabeth Rhodes, wife of H. Rhodes, b. ??, 1788, d. Apr 10, 1863
Daniel Rhodes, b. Jan 15, 1855, d. Mar 6, 1878
Sylvester J. Rhodes, b. Jul 6, 1875, d. Dec 30, 1885

Henry Rhodes Postmaster

I don't know which Henry Rhodes this is for but I thought I'd write it on here so it wouldn't get too lost . . .

"Henry Rhodes established the post office at Ranger, Perry, Indiana. He was appointed Postmaster Nov 27, 1866. Miss Frances J. Cassidy was next appointed April 7, 1873. It was the 3 March 1873 that Henry Rhodes moved his family ot Livingston Co., Kentucky. Rumor has it that he operated a store at Ranger, Indiana." - Source: Mrs. Edith Hilgenhold, granddaughter of Sylvester Rhodes

update: according to some correspondence that I recently read this Henry that was the first postmaster was born 16 Jan 1827 and married Brunette Spencer.

Land Records of Henry Rhodes and/or Heirs

Click on the links below to see copies of the original land records of Henry Rhodes, b. 1 Sep 1792

1) List of Deeds for Henry Rhodes [and kin] as written by the Indiana State Library

2) Land Record of Henry Rhodes of Perry, Indiana to Henry Rhodes - 1851
(deed record book E, p195-196)

3) Land Record of Henry Rhodes of Perry, Indiana to Thomas Rhodes - 1853
(deed record book F, p224)

4) Land Record of Henry Rhodes of Perry, Indiana to Henry Rhodes - 1853
(deed record book H, p 662)

5) Land Record of the heirs of Henry Rhodes (named individually) of Perry, Indiana to Henry Rhodes - 1863 (deed record W, p260)

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Widow's Pension Application of Martha Cassidy Rhodes, wife of Sylvester

I don't know where this Sylvester Rhodes fits in my family. I have two other Sylvester Rhodes but neither are married to Martha Cassidy. Click below to view the Pension Application of Martha Cassidy Rhodes.

Widow's Pension Application of Martha Cassidy Rhodes.

Date Sylvester Rhodes Enlisted in Civil War
Children under 16 of Sylvester & Martha
Marriage Record of Sylvester Rhodes and Martha Cassidy from St. Augustine's Church
Birth Record from St. John's Church of two of Sylvester & Martha's Children
Birth Record from St. John's Church of two more of Sylvester & Martha's Children
Death Date, Place, & Cemetery of Martha Cassidy Rhodes

Company Descriptive Book:
Sylvester Rhodes Description:
Age 18 years [in 1862], height 5 feet 5 inches. Complexion dark, Eyes gray, hair dark, Where born: Perry, IN, Occupation: Farmer.

Company Muster Roll:
Aug 29-Oct 31, 1862 - present
Nov & Dec, 1862 - present
Jan & Feb 1863 - Present
Mar & April 1863 - present
Apr 10 1863 - present
May & June 1863 - present
July & August 1863 - present
Sept & October 1863 - absent (absent sick at Evansville, IN since the 19th day of Sept 1863)
Nov & Dec 1863 - absent (absent sick at Evensville, IN from wounds received in battle Chickamanga Sept 19, 1863)
Jan & Feb 1864 - absnet (absent at Evensville, IN from wounds received in battle Chickamanga)
Mar & Apr 1864 - present (returned to duty Mar 4, 1864)
May & Jun 1864 - present
Jul & Aug 1864 - present

Hospital Muster Roll:
Sep & Oct 1863 - present
Nov & Dec 1863 - present
Jan & Feb 1864 - present
Mar & Apr 1864 - returned to duty Mar 4, 1864

Cemetery Record at Leopold Cemetery, Leopold, Perry, Indiana

Are Leopold Cemetery & St. Augustine's Cemetery the same place? I've had two different people tell me about Mary Theresa Rhodes gravestone but one was in Leopold and the other at St. Augustine's Cemetery.

Leopold Cemetery or St. Augustine's Cemetery:
Mary Theresa Rhodes (1882-1900)
Mary Rhodes, wife of Adolph Goffinet 1857-1882

Old St. John's Cemetery:
Wm son of S & M.H. Rhodes, born & died 1869
Maora d/o S. & M.N. Rhodes 1884-1885 (Isidore Cem)

Henrietta Rhodes 12/5/1845-4/1/1930 [see above Widow's application, Mary H. Rhodes]
Sylvester Rhodes 1/5/1848 - 1/26/1891 Co. G. S' Ind Vol.
Magdalena Rhodes 11/15/1875-4/1/1965 [daughter of Henrietta & Sylvester Rhodes]

Troy Cemetery:
Van son of John & Nancy Rhodes 8/13/1846 9 yrs 3 mos

Marriage Records, Perry County, IN Marriage Records 1814-1852
Edmund Rhodes to Mary Claudell 9/23/1844
Henry Rhoades to Letitia Spencer 11/23/1845
Margaret Rhodes Thomas Taylor 6/1/1849
Nancy Rhodes to Samuel A. Williamson 11/17/1846
Nancy Rhodes to Peter Wichtcrath(?) 3/23/1848
Sally Rhodes to Bennet Searcy 12/9/1849

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Rhodes Family Residences

from a Jim Mosby: "The Rhodes family moved to Indiana from Breckinridge County, Kentucky. They came from St. Mary's county, Maryland. They came to Maryland in the late 1600's."

Some Rhodes Marriage Records

Marriage Records from a Ms. Elizabeth Browning on the Rhodes Family "out of my marriages book". Unfortunately, that is all the information I have about the source.

Thomas Rhoads & Monica Alvey, 13 Oct 1839
Daniel Rhoades & Priscilla Lawrence, 18 Nov 1841
Henry Rhoades & Letitia Spencer, 23 Nov 1845
Henry Rhoades & Brunetta Spencer, 14 May 1849
Margaret Rhodes & Thomas J. Taylor, 1 Jun 1849
Nancy Rhodes & Samuel A. Williamson, 17 Nov 1846 [I don't know where she fits into my line]
Sally Rhodes & Bennett Searcy, 9 Dec 1847
Sylvester Rhodes & Nancy (or Mary) Ann Alvey, 22 Dec 1849 (record came from the Indiana State Library, Vol. 2 page 506)
Edmund Rhodes & Mary Claudell, 23 Sep 1844 (think this is Claudess)

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Henry Rhodes Census Records

Here are the census records for Henry Rhodes and his family.

1820 Census
Henry Rhodes, males: <10:2; 26-45:1; Females<10:1, 26-45:1

1830 Census, Anderson, Perry, Indiana:
Henry Rhodes, males: <5:1, 5-10:2, 10-15:1, 30-40:1 females: <5:1, 10-15:1, 30-40:1

1840 Census, Perry Co., Indiana: Henry Rhodes, males: 5-10:1 , 10-15:1, 15-20:1, 40-50:1 females: 5-10:1, 10-15:1, 20-30:1, 40-50:1

1850 Census, Perry Co., Indiana, household 145: Henry Rhodes, 57, Farmer, 300, Tennessee Elizabeth, 57, --, --, Indiana Sylvester, 19, Farmer, --, Indiana Nancy, 16, --, --, Indiana

1860 Census Anderson, Perry, Indiana, household 1153, family 1073 [see image]
Henry Rhodes, ??, M, Farmer, 300, 200, Kentucky
Elizabeth, 70, F, __, --, --, Virginia

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Rhodes Marriage Records from Derby & Leopold, Indiana

*26 Sep 1844 Edmund s/o Henry & Mary Rhodes and Mary d/o Nocoles & Glodi Claudess

Rhodes Baptism Records from Derby & Leopold

1838 Libby Rhodes d/o Henry and Elizabeth Rhodes, b ?
Godmother Henrietta Cassidy

23 Apr 1843 Susanna Amy d/o Thomas & Moka Rhoads, b 22 Jan 1843
Godmother Phoebe Johnson

1854 Helena Mary Rhodes d/o Thomas & Monica Rhoads, b Jan
Sponsors: William Johnson & ??

1856 George Rhoades s/o Thomas Rhoades & Margartae Alvy, b Aug 1856
Sponsors: William Johnson & Henrietta Alvey

1856 Isaac Rhoads s/o Henry Rhodes & Brunetta Spencer, b 27 Apr 1856
Godmother: ??

1863 Elizabeth Rhodes d/o Sylvester Rhodes & Anna Alvey, b 1862
Sponsor: Margarita Jarboe

*27 Jan 1850 Francis Marian Rhoades /o Edmund Rhoades & Mary Johnson b 30 Sept 1849Sponsors: David & Laticia Cassidy